(B) General Building

§16-77-32 General engineering, general building, and specialty contractors. (c) Licensees who hold the "B" general building contractor classification shall automatically hold the following specialty classifications without further examination or paying additional fees: 

(1) C-5 cabinet, millwork, and carpentry remodeling and repairs; 

(2) C-6 carpentry framing; 

(3) C-IO scaffolding; 

(4) C-12 drywall; 

(5) C-24 building moving and wrecking; 

(6) C-25 institutional and commercial equipment; 

(7) C-31 a cement concrete; 

(8) C-32a wood and vinyl fencing; 

(9) C-42a aluminum and other metal shingles; 

(10) C-42b wood shingles and shakes; 

§16-77-32 (b) A general building contractor license does not entitle the holder to undertake a contract unless it requires more than two unrelated building trades or crafts or unless the general . building contractor holds the specialty license to undertake the contract. Work performed which is incidental and supplemental to one contractor classification shall not be considered as unrelated trades or crafts. 

Chapter 444, Hawaii Revised Statutes 

(c) A general building contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with any structure built, being built, or to be built, for the support, shelter, and enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or movable property of any kind, requiring in its construction the use of more than two unrelated building trades or crafts, or to do superintend the whole or any part thereof.