Exam Application Process

Our professional service will assure that your application will be accepted the first time without delay.

  • 1. Apply

    We offer a complete application processing service. We help prepare and file your application.

  • 2. Board Review

    The Board will review Applications. Approved applicants will receive a notice as well as information on how to Register for the Exam.

  • 3. Register for Exam

    Once your application is approved by the Board, sign up with Prometric by the deadline to Register for the Contractor’s License Exam.

  • 4. Practice

    Take practice exams at the Contractor’s License Center (Honolulu) or attend our 2-day Practice Exam Seminar at our Big Island (Kona) or Maui locations.

  • 5. Take the Exam

    Exam locations are in Honolulu, Kona, Hilo, Maui and Kauai.

  • 6. Get Your License

    After passing the exams, you will receive a letter from the Contractors Board advising what else is necessary to activate your license, including fees, insurance and bond if required.


The cost for Application Processing is a discounted rate of $495 plus tax for students who sign up for our courses. If ONLY requesting Application Processing, the fee is $695 +tax. 

Prices include:

  • The financial statement done by our CPA 
  • Review of all credit reports on all officers,RMEs and/or sole owners
  • Typing up the application according to the information you provide to us 
  • Notary services (in Honolulu only by appointment)
  • Reviewing your application and Experience Certificates to insure proper wording for your trade
  • Hand-walking the application(s) into the Board. 

Our deadline for receiving your paperwork/worksheets is generally the 10th of each month. This allows us enough time to work with you to put together the best application possible and to meet the Board’s deadline of the first Tuesday of each month (excluding November).